Surrey’s affordable housing stays close to transit

Photo courtesy of City of Surrey.

Reported by Reuben Dongalen Jr.

New developments for affordable housing units in Surrey are prioritizing transit-friendly locations.

Metro Vancouver released a report of their findings after a public consultation in 2011 called the ‘National Household Survey,’ collecting information on their travel to work for one out of three households in the region.

They were also able to collect data from the 2006 Census and found that workers are the main source of transit ridership.

Transit use is three times higher in high density areas as opposed to low density areas.

In these high density areas, many of its occupants are individuals, families, students and workers that are unable to afford their own vehicles or houses.

Many of the houses in Surrey are located further away from centralized areas and town centres.

Photo courtesy of

According to Aileen Murphy, a senior social planner for the city of Surrey, says the availability of transit is one of the biggest factors to consider when they are in the process of planning and developing .

“The sites for [affordable housing] are taking into consideration that people living in those projects will be using transit,” she said. “The way the city is planned, is to have some sort of town centre areas …There’s a very deliberate effort to plan density in locations where there’s transit, or whether there will be future transit.”

Murphy also mentioned that there aren’t any significant developments for rental and affordable housing units outside of centralized, town centre areas.

“No. I can’t think off the top of my head … In Surrey, most of the recent affordable housing as been social housing, so it’s being developed by non-profit sectors or BC Housing. In that case, it’s been located in areas that are transit-friendly,” she said.

This video is able to show the high density area around these prominent SkyTrain stations in the city of Surrey. Most of which are centralized areas or town centres.

Reuben Dongalen Jr. is an editor and reporter for The Voice, Langara College's
newspaper and online publication, covering the city of Surrey. 
Twitter: @Rjrdongalen

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