Surrey School board receives results from Public Consultation

Reported by Reuben Dongalen Jr.

Lord Tweedsmuir is on the brink of changing catchment boundaries to help alleviate their overcapacity issue.

Last spring, the Surrey school board sent a survey for public consultation with options on possible changes to create the catchment boundaries for the new high-school under construction, Salish Secondary school.

Many of the participants were residents, stakeholders, parents and district staff from the Lord Tweedsmuir area, giving their input on new changes to the boundaries.

They were given three options to choose from.

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“There is no perfect option for boundary adjustments as Salish Secondary emerges in a rapidly growing area of the city. However, through this process, Option 1 continues to emerge as the as the preferred option,” stated on the report.

Also, the board send out a survey in order to receive a public input on the possible relocation of the Inter-A program from Kwantlen Park Secondary, to Queen Elizabeth Secondary.

“Staff acknowledges that there is no perfect option for boundary and/or program adjustments to alleviate the ongoing enrollment pressures at Kwantlen Park Secondary,” stated on the report.

They will be making their final decisions at their next board meeting on Nov. 17.


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