Gang violence not a significant issue in Whalley, for now

Despite Surrey residents’ in Whalley ongoing concerns on gang violence in Whalley, Surrey RCMP say it’s not a significant issue and that violent crime has dropped.

One of the ongoing issues in Surrey for years has been the violence and shootings in Whalley, notoriously one of the most dangerous and crime-active cities in the Lower Mainland. Organized crime associated with gangs, or known as “gang violence” by the public has been a category of concern.

However, Cpl. Scott Schumann, the Media Relation’s officer for Surrey RCMP, said that violent crime has decreased over the year and gang violence is not an alarming issue right now.

“”Gang violence” is (a) subjective term used by many people. In police terms, gang violence is not a prevalent issue in Whalley… Crime stats for Whalley are down when it comes to violent crime (minus six per cent),” Schumann said via email.

Schumman mentioned that the major issues that Surrey RCMP has prioritized as of late are the homelessness, addictions and mental health in Whalley.

“Of course, crimes comes hand in hang with those issues, but it’s not the organized crime associated with gangs,” he said via email.

He added that Surrey RCMP sees property crimes, assaults, drug possessions/trafficking and nuisance type reports routinely, and a lot more then violence related with gangs.

On the other hand, a Surrey resident, Justin Manaois, mentioned that drug trafficking comes hand in hand with gang violence; he questions if they are accumulating data incorrectly and not taking in account of all possible factors.

“The people involved with drug trafficking in Whalley are a part of gangs; a lot of the violence and shootings are because of drug wars,” he said.

“6 per cent might seem like a lot, but gang violence and violence overall is a constant issue in Whalley. It’s still prevalent in my eyes,” he added.



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