Surrey’s homeless treated poorly by bylaw officers

Reported by Reuben Dongalen Jr.

On Oct. 3, Monday, homeless of the notorious 135a community gathered for a rally and protest at Surrey City Hall regarding the city’s “unfair treatment.”

According to the community, they say they’re forced to get up from bed, and after leaving their site, whether it is to tend to their day jobs or search for ways to improve their living conditions, possessions are at risk of being taken away by the city and its bylaw officers.

This has been an ongoing issue for years, regarding the back and forth of bylaw officers, the city and the homeless. However, bylaw officers are adding to their daily struggles.

“Bylaws won’t let people have friends watch their stuff. “It’s not yours,” into the truck,” Nicole Joliet said, who had voiced a lot of their opinions via Twitter.

Aside from not being able to to watch out for others’ possessions, they’ve left piles of garbage instead of cleaning up the streets.

One Surrey resident, Aldin Paraan, constantly travels by the area to get around work, and has seen instances of inconsiderate behaviour by bylaw officers.

“They’re inconsiderate. Some of them are even begging, crying and bylaw officers ignore them completely,” he said. “It’s pretty inhumane.”

John Alvarez, another Surrey resident, also feels that bylaw officers are stepping over their boundaries.

“It’s too much. I understand they have to do their job, but it’s getting to the point that they’re forgetting we’re all human,” he said.

“These are their possessions. What they need to live with everyday. If you take these things away, we’re making life even harder than it already is,” Alvarez added.


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